Watkins Insect Repellents
Watkins Great Outdoors Insect
Repellents, with doctor-recommended DEET, provide proven safe protection against Lyme disease-carrying ticks, encephalitis-carrying mosquitoes, biting flies and other pests such as black flies, deer flies, stable flies and fleas.

Insect Repellent Lotion
450006 (240 mL) $20.50
450009 (80 mL)
450007 (45 mL)

Insect Repellent Non Aerosol Pump Sprays
The low level 5 percent DEET formula is ideal for kids or anyone looking for short- term protection.  The higher level 30 percent DEET formula is ideal for anyone spending six hours or more outdoors.

450005  Kids 5 percent DEET (150 mL) $14.00   
450004  Adult 30 percent DEET (150 mL) $16.50

450003  Insect Repellent Aerosol Spray   (175 g) $20.00                                    Plus GST/HST

20% Icaridin Pump Spray --
The active ingredient, Icaridin, offers an alternative to DEET along with longer-lasting 12 hour protection from mosquitoes and ticks. The no-mess pump spray formula is safe for children over 6 months old.
450014 (200 mL)
450013 (100 mL) $17.00

Traditional Toilet Bowl Cleanser
Extremely hard water--especially water with a high iron or mineral content--can result in embarrassing stains that are hard to remove with ordinary bowl cleaners.  For the toughest jobs and the cleanest bowl possible, you need professional strength!  36795 (900 mL)
  (Limited Quantities)