$1.00 Off Cinnamon
Our award-winning cinnamon has been a part of family rituals for more than 100 years.  Watkins cinnamon contains 3% to 3.5% essential oil, while many others contain only 1% to 2%. (6 oz/170 g)
$11.00 each (reg. $12.00)

$1.00 Off Black Pepper
We select only the finest sources of premium- grade, top-quality peppercorns with high essential oil content. Experience the Gold Medal winning taste of the most flavourful pepper on the market. (6 oz/170 g)
$14.00 each (reg. $15.00)

Get Relief:  $1.00 Off Liniments!

Watkins Pain Relief Liniment (formerly known as Watkins Red Liniment) was the first product sold by J.R. Watkins in 1868, and it continues to deliver natural pain relief.  Our updated formula removes all traces of artificial red coloring, making this one-of-a-kind pain reliever 96% natural.  Pat or dab (don't rub) this quick-absorbing formula, which uses all-natural camphor and red pepper extract (capsicum) to stimulate nerve receptors that feel heat and mask feelings of pain to relieve minor muscle aches, soreness and stiffness.  Sore muscles and arthritis pain have met their match!  (11 oz/325 ml) (reg. $17.25)
$16.25 each
Pain Relieving

White Cream Liniment is an effective pain relief formula that uses evergreen-based counterirritants to provide temporary relief from arthritis, muscle strains, and discomfort resulting from over exertion.  The creamy lotion won't dry skin. Rub it in to stimulate circulation and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. 
(11 oz/325 ml) (reg. $19.55)
$18.55 each
White Cream

$1.00 Off Pain Relieving
Liniment Spray
For decades, a group of ultra-popular Watkins products was affectionately known as the "Super Seven*."  But this spray is so popular that it transformed that group into the "Excellent Eight."  The natural pain-relieving properties of camphor are blended with the penetrating power of menthol to create a convenient, fast-acting spray that is 96% natural. Sore muscles and arthritis pain have met their match!   (4 oz/118.3 mL) (reg. $12.75)
$11.45 each
Pain Relieving Liniment Spray

* In case you're curious, the Super Seven were: Baking Vanilla, Cinnamon, Pepper, Petro Carbo Salve, Medicated Ointment, Watkins Red Liniment, and White Cream Liniment.

Save 10% on Ultra-Rich Hand Cream
The driest, roughest hands need the most intensive moisturizing available.  When hands--and heels, elbows and knees--are severely chapped or plagued by painful cracks and splits, Watkins has the remedy. Our ultra rich cream helps seal in the skin's own natural moisture, providing instant moisturization and leaving a protective barrier against the harshest conditions. (9.7 oz/275 g) $10.35 (regularly $11.50)
Ultra-Rich Hand Cream

10% Off Castile Bar Soaps
Like the olive oil soaps which originated centuries ago in the Castile region of Spain, J.R. Watkins Pure Castile Soaps are based on tried-and-true, simple and effective vegetable oil soap formulas. Naturally free from dyes, sulfates and preservatives.  No animal testing or animal byproducts.  Made with coconut and olive oils, this concentrated Castile Soap is naturally pure and gentle, as well as extremely effective and versatile.  Use with warm water to gently cleanse hands, body, face and more. (8 oz/226 g) (reg. $6.90)
$6.20 each
Clary Sage          #23081 Lavender         

Hand Creams-- $1.00 off!
Natural shea and cocoa butters are whipped together with more than 10 natural oils and extracts to protect, soothe and condition delicate skin. This 96-98% natural moisturizer is ideal for rough areas (such as hands and feet) or for use as an all-over body moisturizer. (3.3 oz/95 g)
$12.65 each
Special $11.65 each!

40507 Aloe & Green Tea
40511 Coconut Milk & Honey
40518 Grapefruit
40508 Lavender
Lemon Cream
40557 Pomegranate & Acai


Hand and Body Lotions
With more than 10 natural oils and extracts, this rich formula provides deep, long-lasting moisture that leaves skin smooth, soft and nourished.  Watkins 97-99% natural formulas protect and pamper even the most sensitive skin.  (11 fl oz/325 mL)
$12.65 each  Special $11.00 ea

Grapefruit                 20486 Lavender
     20487 Lemon Cream          20554 Pomegranate & Acai

Liquid Hand Soaps -- Save $1.00
Formulated with premium natural ingredients and essential oils, these hardworking soaps will leave hands exceptionally clean and smooth.
(11 fl oz/325 mL)
$6.90 each  Special $5.90 each!
Aloe & Green Tea               23058 Coconut
Grapefruit                           23052 Lavender
Lemon                                 23054 Melon (limited quantities)
23042 Ocean Breeze--NEW         23040 Vanilla Mint--NEW

Liquid Hand Soap Refills
The same top-selling hand soaps you love are available in a value-sized, eco-friendly refill.   Refills use 25 percent less plastic packaging than regular-sized bottles and deliver a no-mess experience. (34 fl oz/1L)  $8.50 each
Special $7.50 each!

63010 Aloe and Green Tea