20% Off Selected Large Extracts
Enjoy these delicious extracts in these economical sizes.

#31007 Clear Vanilla Imitation Extract (for wedding cakes and other baked goods that need to be pure white) $12.00 each (reg. $15.00)

#01015 Pure Almond $18.35 each (reg. $22.95)

Save $1.00 on 5-Star-Rated Pure Ground Cinnamon
This award-winning cinnamon has been a staple in kitchens for over 100 years.  Indulge with a dash in your coffee, or a sprinkle on your morning toast or a pinch in your apple pie recipe.  It makes everything taste like home.  All natural, non-GMO, and gluten free. (170g) (reg. $13.80) 

#01115 Pure Ground Cinnamon  $12.80 each

Save $2.00 on Large Black Pepper
Watkins selects only the finest sources of premium-grade, top-quality peppercorns with high essential oil content.
Experience the Gold Medal-winning taste of the most
flavourful pepper on the market. 

#01141 Black Pepper (12 oz/340 g tin)
$25.60 each (reg. $27.60)

Save $2.00 on Organic Vanilla Powder
Bring a sweet touch to your favourite hot beverage or dessert with Watkins Organic Vanilla Powder.  This blend of Organic Vanilla beans and sugar is perfect for coffee, tea, warm milk or milkshakes.  $18.60 each (reg. $20.60)
Organic Vanilla Powder

$1.00 Off Organic
Garlic Peppercorn Grinder
This adjustable grinder is pretty enough to sit tableside and let you tailor the coarseness to your taste, ensuring you enjoy the richest of Watkins Organic Garlic Pepper with every turn.  $9.90 each (reg. $10.90)
Garlic Peppercorn Grinder

$1.00 Off Decorating
Sprinkles and Red
Decorating Sugar
Watkins decorating sprinkles
are free from artificial dyes,
and don't use FD&C
$7.00 each (reg. $8.00)
Chocolate Sprinkles
Nonpareils Rainbow
Rainbow Sprinkles
Red Decorating Sugar
(limited quantities)

$1.00 Off Mediterranean Sea Salt Grinder
This adjustable grinder lets you tailor the coarseness to your taste, ensuring you enjoy the richest of Watkins seasonings with every turn.  (5.3 oz/150 g) (reg. $9.65) $8.65 each
#31683 Mediterranean Sea Salt

Save on Organic Dry
Seasoning Mixes
Family favourite meals are made simple with no-measure, one-time use pouches that ensure you have the perfect recipe to satisfy your family's cravings for flavour and quality.

#30724 Beef Stew
Meat Loaf
#30725 Pot Roast
$2.80 each (reg. $3.10)

#30723 Au Jus Gravy
(limited quantities)
$2.90 each (reg. $3.25)

Save up to $1 on select
Seasoning Blends

Lemon Pepper
$8.65 each (reg. $9.65)
Adobo Seasoning
$9.90 each (reg. $10.90)
IPA Seasoning
$10.50 each (reg. $11.50)
$11.05 each (reg. $12.05)
Herbes de Provence
           $9.65 each (reg. $10.25)

White Cream Liniment
Time-tested: Since 1915!


This effective pain relief formula uses evergreen-based counter-irritants to provide temporary relief from arthritis, muscle strains, and discomfort from overexertion. This creamy lotion won't dry skin.  Rub it in to stimulate circulation and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

White Cream Liniment                       
  $26.00 each
(regularly $31.00)

Phone: 780-465-0632
email: jcw@jcwatson.com

Phone: 780-465-0632
email: jcw@jcwatson.com