Save on Family Size Soup & Gravy Bases!
Whip up delicious stocks, gravies and sauces without hassle.  Real beef, chicken, and other wholesome ingredients provide homemade flavour without expensive canned soups and overly-salty bouillon cubes. 
(reg. $21.85)

          #31864 Beef $20.70
          #31865 Chicken $21.25

Save on NEW Organic Grilling Seasonings
Watkins 1868 Organic Grilling Seasonings bring the authentic seasonings of the true north to your grill or kitchen.  From chicken to steak to vegetables, the classic notes of sea salt, garlic, pepper and more are sure to please.  (reg. $8.00)   #31656 Chicken $7.50 each
Garlic & Herb $6.90 each
Hamburger $6.90 each
Steak $6.90 each

Save $1.00 on Adobo Seasoning, a savoury, all-purpose blend most often found in Latin dishes.  Watkins Organic Adobo Seasoning combines salt, paprika, garlic and onion with lemon and turmeric to elevate any dish.
(reg. $10.35) 
Special $9.35 each
           #31644 Adobo Seasoning

Cajun Seasoning boldly brings the flavours of the Gulf Coast alive. Use in gumbo, crawfish boils, blackened chicken, or seafood. Sprinkle on anything that needs a kick. (65g) 
Organic Cajun Seasoning
$8.20 each (reg. $9.20)

Everything Bagel covers all the
senses: colourful, aromatic, crunchy and textured.  Sprinkle on salads, eggs or toast. Perfect in dips, rubs or anywhere you want extra flavour and crunch. (85 g)
Organic Everything Bagel
                        Sesame Seasoning Blend
$8.20 each (reg. $9.20)

Save on Selected Organic Spices!
From their 1928 Gold Medal-winning performance at the International Exposition in Paris through today, Watkins brings you the very best spices from around the world. Sourced from the highest quality organic herbs and spices, these Organic Spices bring your cooking to life. (reg. $8.00)

      #31603 Chili Powder -- Special $7.70 each
Chives -- Special $6.90 each
Cilantro -- Special $6.90 each
Curry Powder -- Special $6.90 each
Dill Weed -- Special $6.90 each

Garlic Herb Seasoning--This all purpose blend includes garlic, rosemary, coriander, and thyme for a savory, warm layer in any pasta, dip or marinade.
Organic Garlic Herb Seasoning
          $8.05 each (reg. $8.65)

Za'atar--This organic seasoning blend is popular through out the Mediterranean region of the Middle East as a seasoning for meats and vegetables or sprinkled onto hummus. It is also commonly eaten with pita, which is dipped in olive oil and then za'atar.  #31669  Za'atar Seasoning   
          $8.65 each (reg. $9.20)

Save on Organic
Pure Vanilla Bean Paste

This product delivers the same rich, classic flavour as Pure Vanilla Extract in a convenient paste formula.  Perfect in white desserts where you want to highlight tiny vanilla bean flecks in ice cream or custards or milkshakes.  Use the same amount as you would with a traditional extract, or replace 1 tsp/5 mL of paste for one vanilla bean. (2 oz/56 g)
     Special $14.40 each (reg. $14.95)
Organic Pure Vanilla Bean Paste

Save 10% on New Organic Dry Seasoning Mixes

Family favourite meals are made simple with no-measure, one-time-use pouches that ensure you have the perfect recipe to satisfy your family's cravings for flavour and quality.          #30724 Beef Stew   
                    #30726 Meatloaf       #30725 Pot Roast
                          Special $2.80 each (reg. $3.10)
Au Jus Gravy  Special $2.90 each (reg. $3.25)

$1.00 off Select 59mL Extracts
These high-quality, gourmet extracts and flavourings are concentrated, and all backed by the same expertise that has made Watkins Vanilla the choice of generations. (2 fl oz/59mL)  (reg. $6.95) Special $5.95 each
             #60435 Coconut

Organic Extracts

Made using only the finest organic
ingredients, Watkins brings natural and superior flavour to market with these Organic Extracts. (59 mL)
$8.25 each (reg. $9.25)
Pure Lemon
$9.35 each (reg. $10.35)

$1.00 Off Select Grinders
These attractive grinders let you tailor the coarseness to your taste, ensuring the richest seasonings with every turn.

#31683 Mediterranean Sea Salt
$8.20 each (reg. $9.20)

#31681 Organic Black Peppercorns
$10.50 each (reg. $11.50)

$1.00 Off Organic
Seafood & Poultry Blend
Gold Medal-winning Black Pepper is blended with the highest quality herbs and spices to bring superior flavour to your cooking and grilling, creating a bold, versatile taste.
Seafood & Poultry Seasoning
$8.20 each (reg. $9.20)

Save $1.00 on Organic
Steak Seasoning Blend
Classic Iron Range flavor from Midwest ranchers comes straight to your kitchen or grill in a blend of hearty black pepper, garlic, salt and red pepper. A versatile and bold seasoning for your favorite steak.
Steak Seasoning
$8.20 each (reg. $9.20)

Save $1.00 on Organic
Pure Vanilla Alcohol Free
Watkins rich, classic flavour is now in this alcohol free formula.  Perfect for desserts where vanilla extract is called for, especially no-bake recipes, items for kids, or for dietary restrictions.  No artificial flavours, no artificial colours, propylene glycol free, gluten free, corn syrup free.
(2 fl oz/59 mL)
$13.95 each (reg. $14.95)
Pure Vanilla Alcohol Free

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