15% Off 325 mL   
Pure Almond Extract
Pure extract perfect for baking,
flavouring drinks and more!  Enjoy the deliciousness in this economical size.  Made from natural oils, 100% pure, non-GMO, gluten free, all natural, no artificial flavors, no artificial colours, corn syrup free.  (11 ounce/325 mL)
#01015 Pure Almond
$18.00 each (reg. $21.25)

Save Big on Watkins 5-Star Rated Black Pepper!
Watkins selects only the finest sources of premium-grade, top-quality peppercorns with high essential oil content. Experience the Gold Medal-winning taste of the most flavorful pepper on the market.
Black Pepper (12 oz/340 g tin)
$24.00 each--save $1.50 (regularly $25.75)
Black Pepper (6 oz/170 g tin)
$13.50 each--save $1.50 (regularly $15.00)
Black Pepper (4 oz/120 g tin)
$8.00 each--save $1.25 (regularly $9.25)

$1.00 Off Select
2-ounce (59ml)
Pure Extracts  -- 
Our high-quality, gourmet extracts and flavourings are concentrated, and all backed by the same expertise that has made Watkins Vanilla the choice of generations. (59 mL)
#60391 Pure
#60368 Pure Cinnamon
#60395 Pure Lemon
#60437 Pure
#60392 Pure
#60394 Pure
$6.95 each (reg. $7.95)
#60387 Pure
$12.80 each (reg. $13.80)

Save $1.00 on Soup and Gravy Bases:
Whip up delicious stocks, gravies and sauces without hassle.  Real beef, chicken, and other wholesome ingredients provide homemade flavour without expensive canned soups and overly-salty bouillon cubes.  $13.95 each (reg. $14.95 each)
Beef        #31176 Chicken

$1.00 Off New Organic Garlic Salt Grinder  --  Our adjustable grinders are pretty enough to sit tableside and let you tailor the coarseness to your taste, ensuring you enjoy the richest of Watkins Organic seasonings with every turn. (123g)
Garlic Salt  $9.35 each (reg. $10.35)

Organic Italian Seasoning -- Bring the traditional taste of Italy to your kitchen with this classic flavour combination that is not only for pasta and pizza but is also perfect to season beef, poultry, vegetables or any of your favourite dishes.  USDA Organic , Non-GMO.  (34 g) #31634 Organic Italian Seasoning $7.00 each (reg. $8.00)

Save $1.00 On New
All Purpose Seasoning Salt Free
Watkins Organic All Purpose Seasoning brings a feisty blend of flavour to your favourite dishes without any salt.  Try with chicken, beef, vegetables or salads.  USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified. (78 g) #31633
All Purpose Seasoning Salt Free
$8.20 each (reg. $9.20)

Save $1.00 On New Organic
Everything Bagel Sesame Seasoning  --
This blend checks off all the senses: colourful, aromatic, crunchy and textured.  Sprinkle on salads, eggs or toast.  Perfect to mix into dips, rubs or anywhere you want some extra flavour and crunch. (85 g) (reg. $8.65)  #31636 Organic Everything Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend  $7.65 each

Save $1.00 On New
Organic Seasoning with Salt
The handcrafted blend of our Watkins Organic Seasonings with Salt elevate every recipe with subtle notes of garlic, celery and herbs expertly blended with salt. USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified. (120 g) #31631 Seasonings with Salt
$7.00 each (reg. $8.00)

20% Off these J.R. Watkins Body Remedies

Prices do not include shipping, handling, or applicable sales taxes.

20% Off Selected
Hand Creams
Natural shea and cocoa butters are whipped with more than ten natural oils and extracts to protect, soothe, and condition delicate skin. Ideal for rough areas (such as hands and feet) or for use as an all-over body moisturizer.  (3.3 oz/95 g) 
$12.80 each (reg. $16.00)
Coconut Milk & Honey
Lemon Cream

20% Off Selected
Foaming Hand Soaps
The moisturizing foam in our premium hand soaps gently cleanses the skin, while our signature fragrances leave hands smelling fresh. 
(9 fl oz/266 mL)
$6.90 each (reg. $8.65)
#20622 Grapefruit
#20631 Neroli & Thyme

20% Off Selected
Liquid Hand Soaps
Formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils, these hard-working soaps are gentle on hands.  Enjoy clean and smooth hands with premium fragrances and a soothing lather of suds.  (325 mL)
$6.90 each (regularly $8.65)
Aloe & Green Tea

20% Off Selected
Daily Moisturizing Lotions
Natural plant oils, shea and cocoa butters replenish and hydrate leaving skin soft, smooth and healthy-looking.  Large size with a convenient pump.
(18 fl oz/532 mL)
$14.70 each (reg. $18.40)
Aloe & Green Tea
Lemon Cream

20% Off!

Aloe & Green Tea Liquid Hand Soap Refill
This value-sized, environmentally friendly pouch will refill your Watkins hand soap bottles three times.  Your skin will always be fresh and clean.
(1 L pouch to refill 325 mL Liquid Hand Soap Bottle)
$7.80 each (reg. $9.75)
Aloe & Green Tea Hand Soap Refill

20% Off Skin Calming Lotion
With colloidal oatmeal and shea butter, this fast absorbing lotion calms dry, itchy skin while delivering daily moisture.  Fragrance free and dermatologist tested for sensitive skin use. 
(18 fl oz/532 mL)
$14.70 each (reg. $18.40)
Skin Calming Lotion