Save up to $1.50 on Black Pepper
Watkins selects only the finest sources of premium-grade, top-quality peppercorns with high essential oil content.  Experience the Gold Medal-winning taste of the most
flavourful pepper on the market.
Black Pepper (12 oz/340 g tin)
$24.25 each--save $1.50 (reg. $25.75)
Black Pepper (6 oz/170 g tin)
$13.50 each--save $1.50 (reg. $15.00)
Black Pepper (4 oz/120 g tin)
$8.00 each--save $1.25 (regularly $9.25)

Save on Soup and Gravy Bases -- Whip up delicious stocks, gravies and sauces without hassle.  Real beef, chicken, and other wholesome ingredients provide homemade flavour without expensive canned soups and overly-salty bouillon cubes.  $14.45 each (reg. $14.95)
Beef      #31176 Chicken

Save on Potato Salad Seasoning
Back by popular demand, Watkins has added their beloved Potato Salad Seasoning Blend to the Watkins Organics Spice Line.  This expertly crafted blend of spices, salt, onion, and sugar elevates the flavour of any potato salad. USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified!
Organic Potato Salad Seasoning
$8.60 each (reg. $9.20)

Save on Organic Seasoning with Salt
The handcrafted blend of our Watkins Organic Seasonings with Salt elevate every recipe with subtle notes of garlic, celery and herbs expertly blended with salt. USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified.  (4.2 oz/120 g)
Seasonings with Salt
7.50 each (reg. $8.00)

Save $1.00 On New Harissa Seasoning
This bold smoky and sweet blend originates from North Africa and is traditionally found in Middle Eastern cuisine. Combining the heat of ancho chili powder with the savoury notes of cumin and paprika, Watkins Organic Harissa can be sprinkled over hummus or salads, combined with olive oil as a marinade or used to add rich flavor to soups and stews.USDA Organic , Non-GMO Project Verified.
(2.5 oz/70 g)
Organic Harissa Seasoning
$10.50 each (reg. $11.50)

$1.00 Off
Mediterranean Sea Salt Grinder
Our adjustable grinder is pretty enough to sit tableside and lets you tailor the coarseness to your taste, ensuring you enjoy the richest of Watkins seasonings with every turn.
(5.3 oz/150 g)
Mediterranean Sea Salt
$8.20 each (reg. $9.20)

Save $1.00 on Select 59 mL
Pure Extracts
Our high-quality, gourmet extracts and flavorings are concentrated, and all backed by the same expertise that has made Watkins Vanilla the choice of generations. (2 fl oz/59 mL)
$6.95 each (reg. $7.95)
Pure Almond
Pure Anise
#60368 Pure Cinnamon
#60379 Pure Coffee
Pure Lemon
Pure Mint
#60392 Pure Orange
Pure Peppermint

Organic Salad Dressing Mixes

NEW Organic Italian Salad Dressing Mix
This zesty blend of onion, garlic, bell pepper, tomato and classic Italian herbs makes Watkins Organic Gourmet Italian Salad Dressing Mix a pantry staple. Mix with oil, vinegar and water for a traditional salad dressing or as a bright and tangy marinade for grilled chicken or vegetables. Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified (0.85 oz/24 g)
$2.50 each (reg. $2.75)
#30719 O
rganic Italian Salad Dressing Mix

NEW Organic Ranch Salad Dressing Mix
With notes of buttermilk, garlic and herbs, Watkins Organic Gourmet Ranch Salad Dressing Mix delivers fresh flavour every time.  For a cool and creamy salad dressing, mix with sour cream and milk.  Also perfect as a dry rub to bring flavour to potatoes, roasts or fried chicken breading.  Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified (0.85 oz/24 g)  $2.50 each (reg. $2.75)
Organic Ranch Salad Dressing Mix

$1.25 Off 59 mL
Organic Extracts
Made using only the finest organic ingredients, Watkins is committed to bringing natural and superior flavour to market with the introduction of this Organic Extract Line in top extract flavours. (2 fl oz/59 mL)
$8.00 each (reg. $9.25)
Organic Almond Extract
Organic Baking Vanilla
Organic Pure Lemon Extract

Decorating Sprinkles
Watkins decorating sprinkles are free from artificial dyes, making them the perfect partner for our Natural Food Colouring.  Made with natural colourings, our sugars and sprinkles are vibrant without using FD&C colours.  $8.00 each
#31701 Chocolate

$1.00 Off NEW Decorating Sugars
Watkins decorating sugars are made with natural colouring, for vibrant colours without using FD&C colors.  Plant based, non-GMO, corn syrup free, and made in the U.S.A. 
$7.00 each (reg. $8.00)
Green Decorating Sugar
Rainbow Decorating Sugar
Red Decorating Sugar

Add a box of Girl Guide Cookies
Chocolate & Vanilla - 280g or
Chocolatey Mint 275g
for $5.00
(all sales go directly to Girl Guides)