$1.00 Off Black Peppercorn Grinder -- This adjustable grinder is pretty enough to sit tableside and let you tailor the coarseness to your taste!  $10.50 each (reg. $11.50)
Black Peppercorn Grinder

20% Off Baker's Size Extracts Including All Natural Original Gourmet Baking Vanilla -- Made with the finest pure vanilla extract and blended with only natural ingredients, Watkins Baking Vanilla is the same double-strength formula you've trusted for years--only now all natural!  It has the same extra rich flavour that won't bake out or freeze out and it enhances everything you add it to -- from chocolate chip cookies to cakes to coffee or ice cream and more. (325mL) 
Baking Vanilla
$21.20 each (reg. $26.50)

Along with Watkins award winning Baking Vanilla, these 325mL extracts are on special this month.  Enjoy these delicious extracts in baker-friendly economical sizes. 
Clear Vanilla Imitation Extract
$12.00 each   (reg. $15.00) (for baked goods  that need to be pure white)
  #01010 Butter Extract
$13.45 each (reg. $16.80)
Pure Lemon Extract
$14.25 ea. (reg. $17.80)
Coconut Extract
$15.65 each (reg. $19.55)
Pure Almond
$17.00 each (reg. $21.25)

$1.65 Off Pure
Ground Cinnamon

Loved for over 100 years, this award-winning cinnamon lets you indulge with a dash in your coffee, a sprinkle on your morning toast or a pinch in your apple pie recipe.  Makes everything taste like home. All natural, non-GMO, and gluten free. (6 oz/170 g) (reg. $12.65)
Pure Ground Cinnamon
$11.00 each

Organic Canola Cooking Spray $1.00 Off! 

Organic Canola Oil Cooking Spray is formulated to be versatile to complement your cooking.  Perfect for traditional, non-stick cooking uses -- sauté or spray directly on vegetables and meats, scramble or fry eggs, spray on popcorn or salads, and more!  Non-Aerosol and Propellant Free. USDA Certified Organic. Non-GMO Project Verified. (150 mL)
$8.20 each (reg. $9.20)
Organic Canola Oil Cooking Spray

10% Off New
Organic Gravy Seasoning Mixes

Take the fuss out of homemade gravy with Organic Country Gravy and Organic Brown Gravy Gourmet Seasoning Mixes. No-measure, single-use pouches make flavorful gravy every time using only the highest quality organic ingredients.
Brown Gravy Seasoning Mix
$2.60 each (regularly $3.20 each)
Country Gravy Seasoning Mix
$3.50 each (regularly $4.50 each)

Save $1.00 on
Grilling Rubs

These rubs bring the authentic seasonings of the true north to your kitchen or grill.  Smoked Maple's sweet and smoked flavours are ideal for poultry, beef or pork.  Sweet & Savory includes molasses powder and a delicious blend of spices with sugar and salt. $7.00 each (reg. $8.00)
Smoked Maple Rub
#31660 Sweet & Savory Rub

Save up to $1.00 on select
Seasoning Blends
Handcrafted to deliver all the superior flavour you expect from Watkins, these organic blends enhance any dish you create. The highest quality is only a dash, sprinkle or shake away!

#31634 Organic Italian Seasoning
$7.00 each (reg. $8.00)
Organic Cajun Seasoning--NEW!
$7.65 each (reg. $8.65)
Organic Everything Bagel Blend
$7.65 each (reg. $8.65)

10% Off Organic Gourmet Dip Mixes
in Convenient Pouches
Top selling dip mixes now available in convenient no-measure, one-time use pouches. USDA Organic Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified. 
$3.10 each (regularly $3.45)
#36708 Cucumber & Dill
#36709 Garlic & Dill
#36704 Guacamole
#36707 Onion
#36706 Ranch
#36705 Salsa & Sour Cream

Save on select Organic Spices!
Watkins brings you the very best spices from around the world.  Sourced from the highest quality organic herbs and spices, this  Spice Line brings your cooking to life.
$5.90 each (reg. $6.90)
$6.50 each (reg. $7.50)
Red Pepper (Crushed)
$6.50 each (reg. $7.50)
Fine Himalayan Pink Salt
$6.50 each (reg. $7.50)
$6.50 each (reg. $7.50)
Bay Leaves
$6.90 each (reg. $7.50)
$6.90 each (reg. $8.00)
Turmeric (ground)
$6.90 each (reg. $8.00)
$7.50 each (reg. $8.00)
Garlic Powder
$7.50 each (reg. $8.65)
$7.50 each (reg. $8.65)

Save $1.00 on Decorating Sprinkles
Watkins decorating sprinkles are free from artificial dyes, making them the perfect partner for Watkins Natural Food Coloring.  Made with natural colorings, Watkins sprinkles are vibrant without using FD&C colors.
$7.00 each (reg. $8.00)
Nonpareils Rainbow

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email: jcw@jcwatson.com

Save $1.00 on Natural Food Coloring
Be prepared for holiday gatherings with cakes and frosted cookies!  Derived from pure vegetable juices and spices, this food coloring is naturally free from artificial FD&C colors. Simply add drops of color to brighten-up frostings, cakes, and more. Gluten Free. (Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue colors in four 0.3 fl. oz. bottles, total 1.2 fl. oz./35 mL) $11.65 each (reg. $12.65)
Natural Food Color Kit