$1.00 Off New Organic All Purpose Seasoning Salt-Free
Handcrafted to deliver all the superior flavour you expect from Watkins, our new organic seasoning blend enhances any dish you create.  Our highest quality is only a dash, sprinkle or shake away!  $8.20 each (reg. $9.20)
Organic All Purpose Seasoning Salt-Free

$1.75 Off Watkins 5-Star Rated Black Pepper!
Watkins selects only the finest sources of premium-grade, top-quality peppercorns with high essential oil content.  Experience the Gold Medal-winning taste of the most flavourful pepper on the market.

#01141 Black Pepper (12 oz/340 g)
$24.00 each (regularly $25.75)
Black Pepper (6 oz/170 g)
$13.25 each (regularly $15.00)
Black Pepper (4 oz/113 g)
$7.50 each (regularly $9.25)

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Selected New Spices

$1.00 Off Select 59mL Extracts
Our high-quality, gourmet extracts and flavourings are concentrated, and all backed by the same expertise that has made Watkins Vanilla the choice of generations.
(2 fl oz/59 mL)  (reg. $6.95 each)

#30389 Clear Vanilla
Special $5.95 each

#60305 Butter Vanilla
#60438 Raspberry
Red Velvet
Root Beer
Special $5.95 each

The Watkins Company brings you the very best spices from around the world.  Sourced from the highest quality herbs and spices, our new spice line brings cooking to life.  (Reg. $7.50 to $9.20 each)

#31605 Ground Cinnamon
Special $6.75 each

#31610 Onion Powder
Special $6.75 each

#31613 Parsley Flakes
Special $7.20 each

#31624 Garlic Salt
Special $7.75 each

#31608 Garlic Powder
Special $7.65 each

$1.00 Off New Organic
Garlic Peppercorn Grinder
Our adjustable grinders are pretty enough to sit tableside and let you tailor the coarseness to your taste, ensuring you enjoy the richest of Watkins Organic seasonings with every turn. 
$9.35 each
(reg. $10.35)
Organic Garlic Peppercorn

$1.00 Off Cooking Spray
Non-stick butter-flavoured cooking spray lets you achieve virtually fat-free cooking.  Nearly 1,600 servings per can!
(14 oz/397 g)
$12.80 each (reg. $13.80)
Cooking Spray